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Rent ranges from $1.50 to $1.60 a square foot.  Most of these spaces are pre-cut with pegboard walls.  Depending on where your booth is located and its size, you will pay a little more or a little less.

We also have spacing available that can be customized to your desired size.                  




Rent averages $1.00 a square foot. We do have shelves, as well as grid wall you can rent for a minimal fee, as well.

Examples: 11x9=$99/month






There is a $10.00 a month charge should you require electricity in your booth.




 Another option for renting is a lighted shelving unit.  These are approximately 5 ft wide with 4 shelves and run $55.00 a month.  In addition, we have lighted locking cabinets in the front of the store.  These run $60.00 a month. The final option is an unlit shelving unit. These are approximately 8ft tall and 27-34 inches wide. They come with at least four shelves (specific amount varies per unit) and rent for $60 a month.


All rentals are on a month-to-month basis, therefore, there are no lengthy contracts to sign or commit to. We do ask that you pay your first month’s rent upon moving in.  Because we are on a month to month basis, the first month’s rent is prorated, meaning if you move in on the 15th, you will only pay for two weeks.  All rent is to be paid by cash or check, we do not accept credit/debit cards for payment of rent.  We do require 30-day notice, from the first of the month, when you plan on vacating.


There is no commission on your sales, the money you make is yours to keep.  We do, however, charge 5% for credit card sales to your booth as acquired.  We take care of all sales tax, so you do not need to worry about that either.  In addition, you are not required to man your booth.  We have staff on hand during all business hours to collect money from sales and answer all questions.  All you need to do is ensure your booth is well-stocked.


PLEASE NOTE:  Neither Peddlers Market nor its staff are responsible for lost, broken, or stolen merchandise!


If you are interested in signing up or learning more, do not hesitate to ask for more information and ask about our current availability.  Stop in, call 605-878-1180, or click on the "Contact Us" link below for information. Click the "Availability" link below to see what we currently have available for space!