Current Booth Availability

Are you considering getting into the business of selling your antiques, collectables, or hand-crafted items? See all of our available spaces here!

Pegboard Booth Spaces

  • 12x16 $310/month; behind front desk

  • 12x16 $310/month; behind front desk

  • 8x16 $205/month; behind front desk

Shelving Units Available

  • Unlit Shelving $60/month; 11 available (example pictured below)

  • Lighted Shelving $55/month; 1 available (example pictured below)

Floor Space Only Booths Available

  • 5x15 $105/month; floor space only (no side walls), 5th ro

Lighted Shelving Unit


Pictured is one of our lighted cabinets, the cost of which is $55 a month. Each lighted shelving unit comes with up to four movable shelves.

lighted cabinet

Unlit Shelving Unit


Pictured is one of our shelving units, the cost of which is $60 a month. Each shelving unit comes with at least four movable shelves. These units are located behind the front desk/checkout. They are approximately 8 feet tall and 27-34 inches wide (width varies per unit).

We have plenty of space in the balcony (pictured), which is $1.00 a square foot. Balcony space is customizable, meaning you can have as much space as you would like. We do have a minimum of $75 per balcony booth.